What is taken for granted, but requires further explanation.

legal creative commons and open licences vs. proprietary copyrighted ownership of property.

prepositions of cybernetics deliver an hermeneutics of linguistic epistemology and collective intentionality, leading to a philosophy of mind.

hyper linguistic : influences of many languages, artificial and spoken, Eco's 'Quasimodo' is our archetype.

political economy

radical ants. not only is everything connected to everything, but also ... (shit, vergessen > Alex fragen) > Latour new > Antoine? > fwd:social > stiegler > henry

movement of movements

Representationalism is maintained by diagrammatics, graph theory, modal logic and category theory

language games, plans (*fr.*), uncompleteness and uncertainty try to explain distortions, dissens and unlinking data in a topologic space

archives and free+libre expression

organizational flows of collective intentions

hegemony, power & language.