Mission Statement

... hypothesis

... rationale

... objective

Forging the strenghts of a great variety of initiatives, the TransforMap community is a "community of communities" that seeks to inform and challenge the EU CAPS process.

{paragraph missing : concerning narratives and language. informational overflow and faceted, incremental cooperation. an experiment by and with those who are usually not expected to curate large scale work}

Instead of {building on classical, big institutions}, our consortium is a {multi-directional} networking effort of small, medium and large scale {organizations and initiatives} that intend to research and build alternative modes of production for {new institutions}.

We offer the resilience and adaptability of a self-organized {swarm|orgnet|hive|multitude} to operate for once with the amount of resources made available by Horizon 2020, an {investment} program of the European Commission.

From algorithmically modelling collaborative economies and web platform development to standards regulation and pragmatic {interventional performances}, we set out to span a wide acre.

We understand the term platform as a family of interoperable standards that create {media|intermediaries} for collective awareness.